Improve Cell Phone Talk Time – Standby Time – How To Help

Your cell phone battery doesn’t last nearly as long as it should? Here are some simple tricks to help improve standby and talk time and increase your mobile phone’s energy efficiency.

1. Cut back sound quality: If you can except the reduction, reduce your sound quality, most GSM phones and some CDMA phones will allow you to switch to a lower data rate. Check out your phone’s owner’s manual for voice codec or general phone settings.
2. Shorten screen time: Most cell phones allow you to shorten the delay for which the display stays on. Shorten it and improve your talk and standby time.
3. Think efficient: A weak cell phone signal may lead some phones to increase the power at which they emit, thus increasing power consumption. Make sure you never put your finger near or on the antenna. If you don’t know where the antenna is, it is probably on top of your phone so it’s a good idea to hold your phone by the base, not the top. The idea here is that anything to obstructs cellular waves decreases your phone’s performance, including anything as small as your finger.

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