How to make a Panorama in Photoshop and stitch together video help

Aaron Nace panorama
This video will show you how to create a panorama in Photoshop, they also give you some expert tips on shooting those panoramic images.

Pro photographer David J. Crew shows off his knowledge as they give you six great help tips. This also comes with gear tips. Now you can see the gear some of the pros are using, or just check out some budget options to get you started on your project.

Pro Tips For Panoramas:

Here are some tips for you when you’re out shooting panoramas:

1) Use a quality Tripod and try to stay “level” when changing positions.

2) Overshoot / Shoot wider than you need so you can crop safely.

3) Try a longer lens (50mm or higher) since you’re stitching anyway. Wider lenses give you more distortion so your images will be more realistic/normal with a longer lens.

4) Shoot higher than F8. Most time-lapser and pano shooters will swear by the F8 to F11 zones for clarity and sharpness.

5) Manually Focus to make sure everything is the same (no shifts from frame to frame).

6) Slow Shutter Speeds (or ND Filters) to reduce and eliminate distracting elements (people, animals, random motion).

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