How To Make A large Dual Color Flexable Light Panel DIY On The Cheap

DIY LED light flexy panel
A very easy to build DIY flexible LED light panel for photography or videography for much less money thay store bought.

In this video he will be making some movable LED light panels that are not only very useful, but also produce great color rendition and brightness.

The items used are cheap. Fake leather is the holder for the LED strips, it is a durable and nice looking, so you will feel comfortable setting them up in front of clients. The leather substitute does split apart at the ends. Other pieces of the build project may be found around your home for even less overall cost.

More videos from this guy found here.

Here are the parts used for this project:
The LED lights are here.

The PWM LED Dimmer here.

The Friction Articulating LED Lights Magic Arm here.

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