How to get bokeh video with Canon SX50 for shallow depth of field blurred background

Bokeh from SX50 HS
Have a new Canon PowerShot SX50 HS camera and want to get the best bokeh with those creamy blurred backgrounds. Well this video explanation will help with achieving the best shallow depth of field.

The key to getting good bokeh with the SX50 HS is to skillfully use distances to create the look. Try zooming in on your subject from a distance. The more of a gap between your subject and the items behind it will make for more background blur.

You can not get a bokeh effect with the Canon SX50 HS by just using a small F-stop number when shooting close up with the background near your subject. The SX50 HS is only capable of a F3.4 – F8.0 range. This is only possible with faster lenses on DSLR cameras.

This video below will walk you through all the steps it takes to get the best bokeh from your Canon SX50 HS camera.

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