HDMI Cables – Should I Buy The More Expensive Type

HDMI Cables

The Expensive cables aren’t worth it. If you go into your local electronics store to buy an HDMI cable, you’re likely to see prices upward of $70 with promises of better performance and faster speeds. Should you really spend that much money on a single HDMI cable?

Absolutely not–those cables are a rip-off. Never pay more than $10 for a standard six-foot HDMI cable. Despite what salesmen and manufacturers might tell you, there’s no meaningful difference between the $10 cable and the $70 cable. Unless you see something obvious, such as dropouts or a flashing screen, the digital information transmitted by both cables is exactly the same–no cable can make the picture any better or any worse. I’ve tested cables from many different companies in the past–such as Monoprice, Belkin, Accell, Monster, and SimplayHD–and I haven’t had any consistent issues with any brand of cable. It’s just that simple.

One thought on “HDMI Cables – Should I Buy The More Expensive Type

  1. what about the official ps3 hdmi cable, is there a different between it and the cheap ones? Admin: No visible difference.


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