What Is The Focal Zoom Reach Length Of The Nikon CoolPix P900 Camera

The Nikon CoolPix P900 with it’s digital zoom has one of the longest lens focal reaches of any bridge camera out there. Here is the max distance of it’s reach as compared to a 35mm DSLR lens equivalent.

The Nikon CoolPix P900 has an optical zoom of 4.3 – 357mm with a 16-megapixel 1/2.3-inch type CMOS sensor.
The digital zoom is 4x = 17.2-1428mm
The optical zoom is the 35mm equivalent of 24-2000mm field of view.
The digital is 35mm equivalent of 96-8000mm field of view.

The Nikon P900 states a 83x Optical Zoom and 166x Dynamic Fine Zoom.

Having a 2,000mm equivalent focal length, objects hardly visible with the naked eye can can be pulled in to fill your frame. And if they don’t, Dynamic Fine Zoom, an enhanced digital zoom effectively doubles that reach to a 8,000mm equivalent! If you lose sight of your subject while zoomed in, press the Snap-Back Zoom button for a quick zoomed-out view. Find your subject again and then release the button – the COOLPIX P900 will zoom right back in. The whole time, 5.0 stops Dual Detect Optical VR improves VR performance using enhanced detection accuracy to help keep your photos sharp and your videos steady.

You can find the Nikon CoolPix P900 here and accessories for it here.


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