FCC Fines Coffee Shop For High Powered iPod FM Transmitter

After multiple visits to the Jumpin’ Drip Coffee Shop in Chester, SC, FCC officials fined the shop for broadcasting a FM radio signal without a license.


The coffee shop was using an iPod connected to a FM transmitter to connect to the shops stereo system. The problem was that the transmitter was one designed for commercial use and was putting out such a strong signal it could be picked up 2 miles away.

The FCC had received complaints from people all over town. Apparently the shop had chosen a popular radio channel to broadcast on and no one near by could pick up their regular station.

The shop owner, in an effort to apologize to the town took out an ad in the local paper explaining how sorry he was and offered a free coffee to anyone who was affected.

2 thoughts on “FCC Fines Coffee Shop For High Powered iPod FM Transmitter

  1. This is funny. I live in Chester. I could pick up the signal at my house. Old people complained because they were playing Techno music that had cursing in it. The coffee shop played better music than the radio station it blocked.

  2. wish someone would do that here….

    they play (garbage) country at our closest coffee shop

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