DJI 15mm f/1.7 MFT Lens Unboxing Video Panasonic Leica Rebranded

DJI 15mm MFT Lens Unboxing Panasonic
Take a close look at the rebranded Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 15mm F/1.7 lens made for Micro Four Thirds Cameras and Drones. The DJI version of the lens is nearly identical to the Panasonic one except for a few things.

This Leica DG Summilux 15mm f/1.7 ASPH clone for DJI is a 30mm full frame equivalent wide-angle lens for Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras. Its wide open f/1.7 maximum aperture gives you good low-light filming conditions and also brings you greater control over the focus position for shallow depth of field and selective focus film styles.

The DJI 15mm f/1.7 MFT Lens was designed to fit on the Zenmuse X5 HD/Ultra HD (4K) video/stills camera. It can be used on quadcopter drones like the DJI Inspire 1 Pro or the Zenmuse X5 gimbal on the DJI OSMO.

The main difference between the Panasonic Leica version and the DJI branded lens is the lens coating. The DJI version is better suited to reduce sun flares. The Panasonic 15mm give slightly better contrast. Also the Panasonic 15mm has a metal lens hood where as the DJI 15mm has a plastic hood.

The video below shows the complete unboxing of the DJI 15mm and the full continence of what comes in the package.

Both versions of the lens will work on any Micro Four Thirds camera or DJI / Zenmuse MFT camera.

You can find the DJI 15mm lens Here and Here. You can find the Panasonic version Here.

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