Comparing The Panasonic GX8 Vs GX85 Vs Sony A6000 Vs A6500 Cameras Video

Panasonic GX8 Vs GX85 Vs Sony A6000 Vs A6500
Side by side comparison video of four of the most popular mirrorless cameras on the market in 2017. Low light quality and image stabilization are two of the most discussed topics on these cameras.

Photographer Jeff Kahn walks us through the top reasons to choose one camera over the other in this top selling mirrorless camera shootout.

Big features to consider on each camera:
Panasonic GX85 and Sony A6500 each have dual image stabilization (In body and lens work together). They also shoot video in 4K and 1080P.

Panasonic GX8 has dual image stabilization with photos bur not when shooting video. It does shoot 4k video and 1080P

Sony A6000 has no in body image stabilization and does not shoot 4K video, just high quality 1080p at 50Mbp. It does come in at the lowest price of around $499.

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