Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review Video With Photo and Video Samples At Hi ISO

Canon EOS 7D Mark II Review Video sample
Review of the Canon 7d mark II in real world testing. The samples images that Jared Polin shared with us are first show ISO 12,800 and 16,000. The 12,800 that looks to be pretty solid for a cropped sensor camera. The 16,000 on the other hand is a little mushy but again it’s 16,000 on a cropped sensor it’s totally acceptable.

For a look at the high-res image samples this is Jared’s page here.
Shooting the video at 16,000 also left Jared pleased with the results. It’s not every day you shoot video at such a high iso and come out with very usable footage. Video of Jared breaking down the initial shots and video.

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