Canadian Doctors Prove If It Has Boobs A Man Will Look At It

Boobs Are You Looking At These?

Feb 14th -(Ontario Classic Medical Institute)- Doctors in Canada last month determined after 3 years of clinical studies that no mater what photo they put in front of men if it has breasts on it that is what they will look at first.

Over 1200 men from 2 major cities were tested with eye monitoring equipment to determine what and for how long they focused on in a series of 200 images projected on a screen. It was determined that if the image had breasts on it, exposed or not, the men would view the projection almost twice as long as the images without breasts before they clicked on to the next one.

The eye monitoring equipment showed exactly which part on the image their eyes focused on. They determined that 78% of the viewing time was spent on the breasts. This applied not just to the women in the images but also breasts that were on animals and even on over weight men.

If you need a little more help with the women like these guys seem to.

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