Boy Arrested For Writing PS3 Sucks On Video Game Cases

After checking on a young man lingering in the back corner of the Anderson, S.C. Toys”R”Us video game section employees found the work of a 13 year old Playstation hater.

The Young man had used a permanent black marker to write, “PS3 Sucks” on 23 plastic security cases used to protect the Sony Playstation games from being stolen from the “R” Zone section of the store. The Young man was held until police arrived. After his parents were unable to be reached he was taken to child services.

When he was asked why he did it by police he responded, “I have an Xbox and I hate Playstation. I found the marker lying on the shelf and I guess I was bored. Sorry.”

That sounds like the words of a true PlayStation hater. Looks like Microsoft has a customer for life.

134 thoughts on “Boy Arrested For Writing PS3 Sucks On Video Game Cases

  1. I hate both Sony Playstaion and Microsoft Xbox 360 Video Games!
    Dreamcast will always rule my world.

  2. oh man 😀 *laughs*… I bet that boy did that because his parents didn’t buy him PS3 😀 I have PS3 and I can honestly say it’s the best console.

  3. The ps3 is the superior system, of course legions of poor lower class jealous fanboys will try to convince themselves that it ”sucks”

    This kid is an embarassment to mankind

  4. I say this much. Thie kid had his convictions and he stuck to them. I salute you. I think he deserves a medal.

  5. Haha, look at the previous comments, aren’t they retarded, the first one is from a fanboy, the second one should have gone, “in my opinion it is the best console” and the third one only should have said, we have Shenmue and we are proud of it.

  6. you know, the pwned guy is just what i would expect from a xbox fan, who else would be childish enough to make such a name? the only reason people get xbox is becaue it has an x in it and appeals to idiots thinking its cool.

    the only thing people can say about the xbox being good is its price, but then they get slapped with the fee`s for a bigger better fan, cost for onlnie services, a disc drive upgrade, and adding a harddrive maknig it auctially cost MORE than Ps3.

    Oh well. Let the idiots run free on the slow train to the rubber forest.

  7. I can’t wait till this kid gets red-ringed. That’d be some great lulz.

    As in 360 design flaw Red Ring of Death…. You know what I mean.

  8. PS3 isnt all that great. Good job kid, I’ll give you props for doing that tho 😉

  9. Sadly, if they get ahold of his parents, they’ll have to pay for 23 clamshells. If I recall correctly, they run about a thousand a peice…:D

  10. Don’t lie top yourself. The PS3 is far from thre best. The 360 has MANY MORE exclusives than the ps3. the ps3 has only a few and 4 suck. motorstorm, untold legends, lair, and genji all suck. Only fall of man was good and even then it has little replay value.

    360 has better online. The GAMES LOOK BETTER. And the 360 is cheaper.

    U fail.

  11. That sounds like the words of a true IDIOT. Oh well, today’s parents are responsible for the stupid youth ruining society (they couldn’t even be reached). I hope they are fined well for that jerk’s behavior.

  12. The Wii and PS3 are both pieces of crap. Those emotion controllers are garbage. Smart people play 360. Dumbasses who can’t figure out the “complex and hard” way to PRESS A BUTTON wave their motion controller garbage around.

    Game systems that appeal to non-gamers. Bah, the non-gamers can all rot in a ditch.

    Motion controllers are for the mentally incompetent. And motion controller systems such as the Wii appeal to Democrats, another reason to hate them. Lame console for frightened fearmongering anti-Americans who sympathize with Al-Queda.

  13. i never have a favorite so me and my bros always just buy all the systems that are out , they all have their good points which is why i play all 3 of the systems

  14. I have a ps3, wii, and 360 and PS3 does suck. I havn’t played my PS3 since I finished up with Motorstorm, and Resistence is pretty crap.

    Buying a PS3 means you’re paying $800 for motorstorm.

  15. People care too much.

    I mean come on, bragging about computer games?

    Wake up and smell the pum fanbois.

  16. I’ll bet that kid was also a fan of Playstation before they screwed him (and the rest of the world) over. Can’t blame him.

  17. Seriously. Ive been playing all 3 systems since launch. This is a funny ass story….a little crazy, but never-the-less funny. Eat it up ps3 fanboys. Ps3 was hype and thats all. Its got some cool stuff. But then at the same time xbox took all the cool stuff and made it look just as good if not better, exclusivity is gone. Except microsoft has a huge game studio to make their own games and the bank to buy more. AHEM gta 4 exclusive content. Just leave it alone and enjoy your batamax i mean blu ray player.

  18. I’ve played the PS3, and I’m not all that impressed. Many of my friends bought one at the launch date and have since sold them due it being inferior to the 360. If you use all the features it has, then maybe it’s worth it, but for me I just wanna play some games man. 360 has my vote for games like Gears of War and Halo 3. I’m not a Sony hater, so my opinion is completely unbiased, but the 360 has my vote.

  19. I have a PS3 and it sucks bad. Clearly Sony’s goal was to force as much money out of their loyal customers as possible. Of course, if you are running a business, making money is vitally important. But Sony took it to an unprecedented level. They:

    (1) Did not include upscale support for HD, so if you have a 1st or 2nd gen HDTV that only supports 1080i and not 720p, you get 480p output, UNLIKE XBox360 whcih will upscale. Sony feels this was a good opportunity to force their loyal customers to buy new Sony HD TVs.

    (2) Made us wait an extra year to buy the platform and increased the cost so they could put a Blu-Ray in it, hoping this would force us to throw away our hundreds of DVDs and buy new Blu-Rays. Luckily most people remember the BETAMax fiasco and will avoid being the earlier adopter and end up with “arrows in the back”.

    (3) Ensured that controllers and other hardware wasn’t compatable even if there are “adapters”. For example, my daughters DDR mat won’t work with it correctly, even if plugged in using the adapter. This way we are forced to buy all new games and controllers.

    They are jerks and have deservingly lost major marketshare, falling from the #1 console to #3 in a matter of months. It serves them right for taking a big crap on their customer base. I’ll probably keep my PS3 for now, but I’m buying an XBox360 and therefore will not be spending much money on Playstation games & hardware anymore.

  20. So what if it doesn’t have an built in hardware scaler?

    If you can’t afford it, YOU DON’T DESERVE IT!!!!

  21. I have all three systems, and I think the PS3 is weak in terms of their online and software lineup. It’s very vanilla.

  22. You know how far society has come when a (mEnTAllY ReTARded) person relates Al Quaeda to video game consoles.

  23. PS3 is great!
    My $2,250.00 gaming computer (which can play any PC game maxed out) has been sitting collecting dust since I bought my PS3.

    I appreciate not having to search for and download patches, and I know when I buy a game it will run smoothly at a steady framerate.

    I also like the blu-ray option since I have a 56″ plasma hd tv. The movies look killer!

    The ability to play mp3s, or do a photo slide show on my 56 incher is cool to.
    Haven’t been online with it yet but I will soon.

  24. Actually,Pc does rocks,And he has a xbox 360,why whould he want a ps3 ? dumbass…

    he did a great thing lol

  25. WOW! that kid is dumber then a rock, ps3 is a far better system, it just hasent had enough time for companys to reliaze what the ps3 can do so it dosent have to many good games out. once hackers get a hold of the ps3 and open it up i almost garuntee that they will hack the system so it can play 360 games aswell, just look at what happened with dark alex and the psp, he dared to see how far it could go, now it has skype,GPS,TV remote functions, interface hacks, flashdrive hacks, and its still getting better.

  26. That kid is a genius!!!!!! Anyone w/ common sense would destroy the closest ps3-cause it sucks. If they get some games it might move up past a spot.

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  27. ok i own a xbox360 and a ps2 ….im sorry to say but the 360 just plian SUCKS i mean even the ps2 is better in most ways lol…sad but ture ppl.
    im going to get a ps3 for sure just waiting to see how it does and if its worth my hard earnd money..
    im not a sony fan boy or even micosoft either i know whats good and whats not( ive been playing games long before most of you were born) and i know the 360 sucks i mean its been out for how long?…
    the 360 games are NOT getting or looking any better its pretty much maxed out….ps3 hasnt even started yet give em time next yr we’ll all see who god…
    as for the wii i would not buy it seems to gimcky for my tastes…

    and thats my two cents.

  28. Most people in my lare 9000 kid school own xboxs except this one arab dude with a fat friend, weird?

  29. I own a PS2 and an Xbox360. My friend owns a PS3 and I’ve played on his and I’ve got to say the PS3’s online gaming is just crap…

    Sure it’s free, but some companies require you to pay for online service (like EA games) and trying to find and communicate with your friends is hard as hell. With Xbox Live, you get what you payed for, and talking on the headset while playing with your friend is a blast.

    Currently, time sucks for the PS3 right now, games that used to be exclusive just for the PlayStation is now moving to the Xbox360 (ex. GTA IV). The only game that can save the PS3 in the near future is Final Fantasy 13, which probably wouldn’t come out until 2009 or 2010…

  30. no actually ps3 does suck xbox has more memory too 120gb harddrive. and with games like deadrising, gears of war, and halo 3 its just way better. all the good games for ps3 are on 360 too!

  31. This kid has no values coming from his parents. This kid needs help and get treated to foster parents. For being a lil fanboy/ idiot who follows microsoft and vandalizing ps3 games, should get a major spanking from sony. I have both ps3 and an xbox 360. Both have good games. 360 suck for unstabled merchandise of having the red ring of death. In that case microsoft will keep selling the xbox 360 with the red ring because microsoft is money drivin. sony is making money but not money drivin. All I can say in this blog is that you are all fucking fanboys who encourages the kid to still continue his menace activity. well for i can say is the xbox suck and i regret buying it. crap box 3shitty needs a major lookup for free without a warranty if micro hoes care for its consumer very much. so all i can say is stop the fanboyism and the ps3 is not to fuck with for it will reign over the 360 and will sit on its number 1 throne. all you peeps who worship the xbox 360 are full of shit. Intelligent people plays the 360? HMM.. more like ignorant dumbasses who worships microsoft. Bill Gates aint done shit for your consoles. He didnt give a fuck when it was released. Yeah might have full of games but most game suck. I only play gears and thats it. Got tired of Halo 3. Regreted buying halo 1 and 2 because i bought it from a money drivin mother fucker named bill gates. the console looks dull and fake and it needs to have a major lookup for its red rings.

  32. anyways if you think its good to play with microsoft. would they make an hdtv for that has a microsoft brand?maybe because they are moneydrivin. Or how bout a fucking movie called microsoft starring bill gates himself? i’m telling you bitches that he is money drivin. Bill gates is pimpin you fanboys and that needs to stop. Dont let it pimp you. Pimp them. The only way to pimp them is dont buy from them. Ps3 all the way for it is stabled and solid. Ps3 all the way for you can buy a SATA 160 notebook harddrive for only 79.99 to put in your ps3. the 360 120gig harddrive costed a hundred sixty or maybe 120 bucks.

  33. Playstation has WAY better graphics…it’s Blu Ray….X Box has better media stuff (music, chatting while in game,etc…..) I own a Playstation and they rule….screw 360. As far as movies for systems go, good job buying a 360 since they’re not gonna make HD Dvds anymore though….Playstation is by far the better system overall.

  34. Wow I’m late to the party aren’t I.

    Anyways, honestly, you could call me a Sony fanboy, or at least you could’ve until they stopped having good games on their console. The last thing I bought from them was the last Final Fantasy game to come out and honestly, the next one is going to be on BOTH platforms… it’s already happening…look at xbox, they have Final Fantasy now…

    I don’t care what system you have, but I know how much fun I’m having with CoD4(PC) Army of Two(Xbox360) Gears of War (Xbox360) Devil May Cry 4(Xbox360[and is on PS3 as well]) and Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox360[and is on PS3 but has technical issues…”who’d of thunk it”]) and how much fun I’m GOING to have when “Too Human” hits shelves.

    I’m sorry but without good games, PS3 is a dust collector (besides Warhawk) and all the good games are coming out on either both consoles, or xbox360 exclusives, which really makes me wonder who would really buy a PS3.

    I love Sony, but damn did they screw up, price gouging worse than Apple = BAD. I believe the majority of people realize what Apple is doing, and still buy it anyways, but the saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me and there’s some serious fools up in here.

  35. You guys are all retarted. PS3 is the best system ever. First of all, PS3 games are scripted of the 360. So if your gonna say PS3 is bad your are basically saying the 360 is bad. Second PS3 has only been using a 1/4 of its potential due to all the games being designed before the PS3 specs were released. In the year 2009 the PS3 will rip your F***ing balls off and shove em up your wide ass.

  36. PC owns xbox + ps3. And for all you noobs, PS3 is a better system than the xbox but had a later start, it did have problems in the beggining but it will probably outlive the Xbox360. But both systems are decent, Xbox 360s die alot but all Game systems now days are made from the cheapest shit possible thats why they so cheap compaired to a computer. Anyways, PS3 and Xbox 360 games are both scriped on the PC and then ported out to both with some quick changes and config files. Stop complaining whats better and sit your ass down, play some games, and realize thats consoles will always been on a fun/decent level, with computers above them = ). Lol but if you get a computer you will have to spread you wallet open a couple more meters. Lol anyways. Shut up and go play games. Stop raggin on crap.

  37. yeah….PS3 is techmically deformed….. WAY too heavy…. and man, nothin portable… In my opiniion It will take some 2 years for people to play PS3 as they play PS2. GT4 has it defferences but, now you can ***** women and it has some more effects,but it is basically the same crap. PS3 has good games like Assasins Creed and Fear and it has awesome effects. but when the 3 comes to a counsel you cant really expect many changes. you get bored.

    Pardon the bad grammar

    Xp Cheers!

  38. Ps3 is at least as good as the 360 (graphicallywise) so it shouldn’t really matter, but it does matter because sony hyped the Ps3 so badly. I don’t give a crap about either system (I have a wii) cause I have a good PC so I can play most of the 360 titles.

  39. I have both a ps3 and a 360 and frankly the ps3 is just a big paper weight,I mean there is simple no good games for it i play my ps2 much more then my ps3

    I honestly think sony pulled a nintendo and gave MS the crown,odd that i would be praising MS but that is the only true HD choice,It does have FLAWS
    Make sure NOT to play games vertical,if it is moved or knocked over it will destroy your games!!!

  40. i agree… i own a xbox and my friend owned a PS3. on comparison….THERE THE SAME SHIT!the graphics are good on both of them..! the only diffrence is that xbox live is better than PSN. my friend agrees with me on this and his PSN sucks… its constantly shuting him out and his ps3 has short surcited 3 times.. he just sold his ps3 and a old ps2 and bought a 360… the 360 has more games and better online. its more portable. and who gives a fuck if its “TRUE” HD. and when did we decide hd dvds wernt going to be made? last time i checked the blu ray section of my local wallmart is like half a shelf… weras the HDDVD is a whole isle… anyway it all comes down to what you pefer…

  41. well i think the game wise microsoft had it won hands down. I think ps3 had the better potential when it come to a better system but I think before it reaches it Microsft will have a newer system to Rival it. So i am saying about 6 years from now Microsoft will come out with something better. If you go to youtube and look at Xbox vs ps3 on load times xbox 360 kicks the ps3 ass. But honestly if ps3 had game titles like gears of war and the only play was better like xbox live i would by one but not until then. I think that sony’s greatest mistake was it took to long to figure something out to compete with xbox but the things is they did win the cd war. So I mean its personal opionion but that are both good systems.

  42. Man I think everyone is bios on this topic. I mean its a matter of Opion. I mean I think the people who have the best opionion is the people who have the both. I talked to a guy and the only game he plays on xbox is COD4 the rest of the games he says he played where on the ps3. He also said that the online isn’t as good but it is free and has an intergrated wifi connection unlike the 360 which you have to go out and buy. More bang for your buck i would say the ps3. What sales games on xbox is exclusive game titles. If you think about it if the system came out the same time and ps3 could get a jump on some of the games so they wouldn’t be exclusive on xbox. I think that ps3 would win and have more console sales.

    Xbox 360 18,873,816 Release date 10/23/2007 for arcade, 11/22/2005 for the xbox 360 and 4/29/2007 for the elite.

    Ps3 9,887,134 Release date November 17 , 2006

  43. by the way.. i am not ps3 fan i am a xbox 360 fan just you always have to look both ways when you reviews.. I love the 360’s for gears..

  44. i agree with ponpile that the best view is fron thoes who have both… if i wasnt broke id have both… any way people need to shut up and play there games

  45. HA PS3 sucks look at E3 08 Japan was the only thing the ps3 had and now its gone Soulcaliber and final fantasy are mircosofts now

  46. Here is the big question


    Look it doesn’t matter who wins. The point is we are supposed to enjoy the games and quit arguing like a bunch teenage school girls.

  47. the ps3 sucks its a waste of hard earned money it fked up my wirless so i cant go on the internet again broke down the next week what a piece of crap stick to ur wii or xbox

  48. im a wii fan well i was a wii fan the games are to family based and not hardcore,i managed to supress the hatred but the graphics suk an there are so much fkin peripherals to waste ur money on and apparently their new console wont be “super powered” ffs the wii doesnt play dvd’s

  49. I have both a PS3 and a 360. 360 has some serious problems (red ring anyone?) with some of their systems, but they will repair these under extended warranty. That said, both working systems head to head is no competition. 360 blows the PS3 away. The only advantage PS3 has over a 360 is the blu-ray player. Period. Online support (you’re very lucky if voice chat works), multitasking (anyone want to play music while playing a game? too bad.), game selection (this will only get worse), and to a lesser degree graphics textures on the PS3 are inferior. I’m not a “fanboy”. I am a avid fan of video games, and have to say Sony is really turning their backs on the core of what makes a good gaming system.

  50. I got a 360 like 1 year ago and i did not have any problums with it yet but then I got a PS3 and then in a week every time I turned it on it went to the menu and froze every time I retured it and said f*ck PS3’s

  51. PS3 sucks so much gayness it is retarded POS with absolutely no good games. My wife got my son that for christmas and he told us he hated us for not getting him a 360 to play with his friends online

  52. Erm… ok for 1). RROD (Red Ring Of Death) has offcialy been fixed there was a design fault in it the Harddrive was to close to th fan,;)
    2). I’ve known peoples ps3 burn the whole shell so no worrys Sony will fix it because thier fund is so high!…..not. 3). so what if the ps3 has a better HD DVD or Blu ray; conslose are ment for game people, i mean the 360 has a pritty good DVD player in it so i’m happy with me X360 :P. 4). yes obviously 360 has more games than ps3 but HA! beat that. 5). the new dashboard is ultimate seriously wheres sony’s new dashboard? oh wait they just done the same of the psp. ROFL!! sorry i was a bit harsh on you ps3 fan boys. MICROSOFT FTW!!!

  53. There is no such thing as a better console… PS3 has it’s graphics 360 has it’s games and costomisibility, Wii has its motion controlls and it’s virtual console… They all have a different advantage on the playing field.

  54. Excellent Job Kid!
    playstation SUCKSSSSSS
    to be more precise PS3 SUCKXSSSSSSS
    Hate PS3!
    Well Done!

  55. Funny how everyone who hates on the PS3 would also buy one if they had the extra cash laying around. You know you want one haters you just can’t afford it. haha enjoy your red rings bitches!

  56. I laugh everytime someone says the ps3 is over priced. Those who say it truly know nothing what so ever.

    Here’s a little lesson for all you wannabe haters out there. The ps3 is the cheapest blu-ray player that is on the market. How can the ps3 be overpriced if part of it’s component is the cheapest around?

    And for all general fanboys get a goddamn life will you. You all look like a bunch of idiots fighting over 3 stupid games consoles.

    I sware fanboys need to be shot at birth.

  57. I have the most intense orgasms when I play the dreamcast. I like the xbox360 but it’s stupid kids like this that make me hate xbox live. PS3 is cool, but Blu-ray is like the most restricted media format in the history of mankind and I’ll have no part of that junk. Keep your DMR I’ll stick with divx. When your as drunk as me on a friday night everything is blurry so higher resolution would be an utter waste. Dreamcast 4 LIFE!!! Turbo Graphix 16 kicks all these next gen systems in the teeth!

  58. THE PS3 sucks, the only people who own one are the little girls and boys who pester mummy and daddy to buy it for them, and get it since theyre spoilt brats who aree too stupid to realise the wii and 360 are far superior

    the only people who actually like the ps3 are too stupid to realise this

  59. Ha I love this kid. Good job man you will be remembered for ever no ps3 jocky ever had the balls to do that. F***k ps3 its garbage with your watered down blu ray player your graphics are choppy and the system itself is overpriced not implying that I can’t afford it becasue I went into gamestop right after my pay check and said should I get the ps3 or the 360 I asked the store people they go ( well if your gonna be a hardcore gamer and u want the best graphics go wit 360 and if you want the whole little blu ray and wifi and movie shit get ps3 so thats what I think)


  60. i have all 3 systems and have found myself playing the the ps3 more than the others. like the psp the ps3 was slow out the door but worth it in the end

  61. It’s fun to read all this and see that pretty much all of the anti-sony talking points have been eliminated. There are now plenty of games on the PS3, the vaunted 360 blade dashboard was replaced with a knockoff of the cross media bar and mii avatars, HD-DVD is no more and the price, after adding wi-fi and rechargable controllers is comparable to the PS3.

    It’s stupid to get worked up over video game consoles, but it’s nice to see that the PS3’s shortcomings have been addressed and that trolls can no longer cling to their outdated talking points.

  62. wtf…. i have all 3 systems. wii got boring. ps3’s disk drive wont even read the disks. and right now i loooovvveee xbox

  63. sweet Good job kid Playstations re crap i sold my ps3 to my friend for 50 bucks Xbox 360 and PC OWNS All 🙂

  64. i have all 3, the ps3 truly does suck, most formats for video dont work on the ps3 and you have to go through the mudane task of coverting it all whereas on the 360 it just plays it. The ps3 is soooo slow at loading and lag is always a big issue online. Trophies take ages to sync (if it does) & its stupid how you have to install the games onto the console b4 u even play it wasting valuable memory space! the playstation network is crap and not as user friendly as the 360’s marketplace & updates take like 3 hours! even the wii is finsihed in like 10mins when it updates! sony, you fail :/

  65. Lol you 360 nuthuggers are hilarious. The ps3 owns the shit outta your Rrod e74 errored piece of shit xbox. The ps3 has so many more exclusives coming

  66. good going kid. the ps3 waste of space. not worth the money. if i wanted hd movies id just download em. if i wanted to use a web browser i got a pc for that. and for great games im gonna stick with my pc and 360. no need for a ps3.

  67. Well folks it’s 2009 and one thing can be said about that kid…he knows more than all these so call ‘adult’ ps3 fantards out there.

    The PS3 is losing the race, PS3 fantards can beat their collective chest’s all they want…it still doesn’t change the fact that the PS3 is losing it’s exclusive marketing while the Wii and the 360 not only retain their’s, they’re picking up Sony’s as well.

    Sony took all it’s fantards, bent them over the CEO’s desk and ass raped them all the way to the bank by adding hardware that was unnecessary.

    If the PS3 is so bad ass and ‘hardcore’ then why the hell hasn’t the PS3 turned a profit yet? The answer is simple, fantards…because the majority of gamers out there didn’t buy into the corporate bullshit….unlike you guys who will buy whatever Sony throws at you.

    Enjoy your black box of fail, meanwhile the rest of us true gamers will point and laugh at your total ineptitude.

  68. Nintendo REVIVED a dead video game market in the 80’s. Since then, Nintendo has been # 1 in the video game world. Always have and ALWAYS WILL! Bill Gates thinks that he can control the masses and monopolize the video game world but he can’t! Shigeru Miyamoto will kick Gates’ butt any day and any time! PS3 consoles have sold the least and it is rumored that PS3 will be the end of Sony. The final battle will be between Nintendo and Microsoft. Microsoft can rule the computer world but in the video game world Nintendo rules! Nintendo for LIFE!!!

  69. Poor Xbots not only do they have the worst built console ever (54% failure rate LOL!) No decent games since nov 08, No Blu Ray (Multi discs for Flopza 3,FF13,Rage etc) Pay to play online (starting to add up now after 4years) Now they are going to lose their precious sales to Sony and the Slim.

    Every BS argument you xbots come up with Sony has shut you up. Theres no reason to bitch anymore. If you are a gamer you need a PS3. If you are a punk 360 fanboy just keep sending your broke ass console back to M$ ever 3 Months so you can keep playing Halo and Gears with all the other mouth breathing racist 12 year olds on XBL. Those are the only games you have and they pale in comparison to Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2.

    And that idiot kid who wrote on those cases is begging his mom for a PS3 now.

  70. look console systems are all a joke since they turned into shitty pc’s with tv ad’s the game company’s started given 2 shits less about game play and more about profits the ps1 and n64 were the best for game play and the more people worry’d about graphics the more we all lost in game play and its gotten worse since online gameing(ps2,Xbox) now instead of have’n 4 friends over to try a new game. all new games are online only and forces fat ass’s to stay home alone and play threw a mic, sure the wii trys but it wants us to work out and tell’s is, long live the old school, this online shit will kill the next gen of gamers plus make them unsociable in public. sure have online but don’t make it our only option

  71. PS3 is a good system, sometimes it pisses me off though. but xbox is awful in my opinion. but PS2 was the best

  72. THE reason why there are so many ppl agreed with this boy is becus it is ranked 5th in google search “ps3 sucks”

    seriously xbox 360 fanboys are extremely retarded

  73. I was the first one I knew to own a PS3 for the longest time there was 3-6 games. I was at status “no-life” when Oblivion hit the shelf I played and played it! Then more games hit and damn it was amazing. “PS3 rocked my cortex” then 6mos ago extra income burning a hole I went and blew 399 for an elite bundled with halo 3 and Fable 2! Then I had to buy a recharge kit $19, wifi adapter $79, XBL $50! Was it all worth it! MS I have seen the light! No longer will my hands cramp with 1gen like controlers, no longer will I have to do the heathen “shake controller” movement! PS3 was great! I have not noticed any graphic differences! They both look amazing in their own way! XBL is amazing! It’s the difference between having a girl friend and a hot girl friend! Guess you PS3 lovers would know the difference! Oh yeah BTW PS3 used good shape FS!

  74. that kid sucks because he is jealous that it’s better than stupid xbox 360. they have the same games but ps3 has more games that are more fun instead of all this shooting blood crap.

  75. Wow…lots of comments and all I can say is “SCREW THE FANBOYS” videogames are supposed to be fun, it doesn´t matter wich console you have… the 3 of them have flaws, in example, Wii is the graphics (good but not compa red to the 360 or PS3), Xbox 360 is the RRoD (A total fail) and the PS3 is overpriced (the credit card screams when you buy it) I have played the three of them, I mean I´m not saying PS3 sucks or Xbox360 sucks or wii sucks… I´m just saying that stop bitching about what console is better, the three of them are good…enjoy your games and dont be dickwards.. oh and let that idiot boy be in jail, he deserves it… Period

  76. That’s why I taped all three together…. The xbox and the ps3 didn’t get along and the xbox ate the ps3…. Now my xbox has gas and horrible graphics thanks SONY!!!

  77. rofl i have a 360 a ps3 and a wii a ps3 is good if your playing by yourself a 360 is good if you want to play online with friends and a wii is good if you want to play with the family but personally in order my favorites in order are 360

  78. ps3’s suck ass hard.sure i bought a ‘OLD’ 360 and it over heated so i got one of the new ones and it never overheated again and the old one and the new one never freezed.well when i was playing mirrors edge on the ps3 i got real far on a long level and the retarded hunk of garbage froze on me….TWICE.if fact my friend worked at best buy when the ps3 came out sure everyone bought one for christmas but he said it had to be garbang because almost EVERYONE brought it back So huck PS3’s.

  79. its so funny how those ps3 losers kept on talking about these exclusives that are coming to the ps3. i kept hearing the same crap about those exclusives since 2007. and many of them suck ass…(except for resistance 2). ps3’s are so gucking slow and boring i lITERALLY fell asleep on one. a couple of months ago and and freezes so dam much if its so high tech how come it has so much flaws.and you losers need to stop talking about that red ring of death they fixed it doesnt happen nomore so yeah. gUCK PS3!!! ps. yes i have a life and get girls so ha.

  80. …And still it continues.

    I guess gamers my age are to blame for all this nonesense. We should have nipped it in the bud years ago back when Atari and Nintendo were going head-to-head.

    People, it doesn’t matter.

    “The sucks!”

    Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo will cary on just fine without your purchase. Ranting about a system you hate and probably don’t even own is pointless and places you in a category that borders on obsessive/creepy.

    Every single system ever released has it’s flaws. Blowing into a NES and/or game to get it to work wasn’t supposed to be part of the experience folks.

  81. Alright everybody. Shhhh, babies. Wake up and smell the aftermath of the melted consoles from the flame wars. Don’t fret. PS3’s, Xbox’s, and Wii’s ALL suck. None of them are the best.

    PC ftw.

  82. People say xbox is for childish kids, but then isnt the ps3 for 40 year old virgins. Im a fan of both…and i can certainly say …these people that say there “mature” sit in there computer and there tv all day stuffing there life full of digital pixel that just poof away the next second. Its pathetic. And just saying to the guys who are complaining about RROD…it doesnt even happen in the newer consols.

  83. i don’t care what anyone of you say. you can repost to this or what ever “who cares” PS3 is million times better i own both 360 and PS3 and i haven’t even touched my 360 im almost a year. sure go ahead and argue about the exclusives and online bullshit. first off xbox does have more exclusives but ps3’s that are now coming out blow xbox’s away. and now ps3’s online has improved fantastically, and i think that covers it all because no matter what you say you know ps3 has way more features “you know what they are” and is way more powerful. but oh well go buy you a xbox 3shity and while your their also a hard drive and fans so it dosn’t overheat “cause they do that” and preorder that stupid ass exclusive that all you xbox fan boys have been bragging about or better yet beg microsoft to make another fucking halo LOL.

  84. The xbox and playstation are like the same because the graphic on xbox is the same on playsation and on xbox you can only watch dvd but when you watch on playstation you can only watch bluray so i think xbox is bettter because you can watch dvd when on playstation you have to wait for the bluray disk and for online for xbox(i have on)you can have the gold member ship but if your gold membership expired your in silver that means that you can play online with other players and on playstation you dont need to worry you can play online whenever you want but on xbox you have avatars that can be customized but when on playstation you can and also in xbox you can be get items just looking on the awardes menu on the customize menu and when on xbox you can get free demo just like the playstation but on the xbox you can get trial from the demo menu and you can get the full version with microsoft points and on playstation i dont know if there is points and also on xbox you can get tips videos with tips glitch etc…

  85. on my on comment i mean cant play online with other players and i also mean that i have one and i whant to say that if you have silver membership you can play online again if you buy microft points for gold membership and when i mean that on playstation you can get avatars you really cant

  86. i mean other on my other comment when i said on my on i meant other comment

  87. hey is anyone gonna reply on my comment?oh and colby vickers i disagree with you xbox and playstation are the same so yeah you can argue with all the playstation rules thing so please
    stop but i like xbox cuz am a huge fan of halo.

    HALO RULES baby

  88. And by the way resident2 you’ll regret playing that game if you play it on playstation and use cheat your a huge noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooob so yeah stop saying oh this game rules no the other one sucks this is is better oh socks i think this rules hey everybody this game rocks my world.

  89. in my other comment i meant resisantce 2 it really sucks resident evil 2 is not bad

  90. and xbox and playstation… not trying to be mean but i cant understand a damn word your typing. you have good spelling but christ man. that first one about gave me a brain shart trying to understand what you were talking about. And stop posting so many comments over and over. if people dont want to reply to you they wont. if they do they will… how old are you anyways?

  91. RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! sorry i just read all of your comments again and for some reason stupid comments make me angry

  92. hahaha i have both and honestly the ps3 may have better graphics but the 360 runs way more smoothly

  93. Well I don’t think what this boy did was really necessary. Sure we all have our opinions of things, but there’s no need to convey those thoughts through those methods.

    I don’t hate on any of those consoles at all. I know that have their pros and cons which should make them unique in their own way for gamers.

  94. people have right to hate like somebody hate game like star craft then blizzard call police so stupid thing i ever heard and i note i hate ps3 fan boys now more than wii or xbox but still all fan boys are annoying

  95. this kid is really cool, i wish i was there to help, xbox 360 for life, PenisStaion 3 licks cow shit

  96. It’s funny ps3 buyers r all saying since I paid more which in some cases is not true it’s better no it’s not since I had the gay ps2 and original xbox I decided to get on of them but I tried ps3 first and was boring and to me. Ps3 is better in Europe because has more people on it but in US xbox is better by far

  97. sigh consoles……
    im still a true gamer a pc gamer pc games are the best i dont like that i need to pay 50 euro’s for a game that i play 5 days i donwload games and if i like them i buy them

    all gamestations have a pro and a con

    xbox360: cool graphics but you need to pay for it to play online not very powerfull

    playstion: cool graphics but is very expansive
    is not very powerfull too

    wii: omg is this a platform!?!?! wtf? 250 bucks for crappy games and graphics??? only so that i can move a stick??? my toaster is more powerfull than a wii

    handholds: it shouldn’t a platform either its fun for when you are in a train or something but for that i have my gaminglaptop

    pc: you cant precisely what it can do you have many forms and sizes if you buy an good one from an good maker (like medion) then it is very powerfull and you can play any games on it also you can enchant your pc so it can be even more powerfull you can also download games (what is the most important point for me)
    a good game computer is expansive… but you almost never pay more for it like extra controllers games (you download these)and stupid extra’s (like the wii stuff the stuff you need extra cost more money than the wii itself) what is a con that you cant play with friends one 1 pc a laptop can be mobiele but it cost’s more money

    ps:nope im not a pc fanboy i have a pc a 3dds a xbox360 a playstion3 and a goddam wii for what i wasted a fucking 350 euro’s!!!
    oh and i have a pacman handhold out of the 1970 😀

  98. Hahaha, well done kid its true, PS3 sucks it even ripped off the Wiimote how pathetic XD

  99. Sorry to say this guys. *Sigh* Well… you are all mentally retarded. You guys have got to calm down. What this kid did was fucking pathetic and stupid. I’m no fanboy of any of the consoles. I have a PS3 but thats just it. I also like Xbox 360 and I am very fond of it but I’m sick of all the losers who say their system is better regardless which they own. It could be a PS3 it could be a 360 it doesn’t matter. You are all a bunch of mentally ill kids with no lives. Seriously, this kid hates PS3 so much he decided to write PS3 sucks on all of the PS3 games? Thats a fucking low life loser right there. Even if he did it on the Xbox saying Xbox sucks, it would still make him a loser. What has the world come to? Bunch of stupid fucks. I can honestly say that I have a PS3 and it has been running perfectly fine for 3 years. Some people just have all the luck… try buying a new system not used for you Xbox fanboys who want to give PS3 a try and end up saying it sucks because the person who had it before fucked it up. Try taking it apart and cleaning it from the inside. Its not the fucking PS3’s fault. I clean mine regularly each month. Also for you PS3 fanboys who say Xbox 360 sucks, it doesn’t. No consoles suck. Maybe some games suck, but no console sucks. Xbox 360 is great. And also, for the people who were around when PS3 first came out. What the fuck? Thats proof that your mentally retarded. The PS3 was fucking brand new. The games were just starting to kick in! I remember when Xbox 360 first came out. Honestly I didn’t like the first games either and prefered PS2 way more… but now look at it. Its amazing. Both consoles are and both of its exclusives are amazing. PS3 has amazing exclusives now. Little fucks weren’t too patient enough and started raging on about how the games suck and look at the PS3 now. Please… -.- everyone just enjoy your games, regardless of the console.

  100. Having owned a PS3 and a 360 I have to side with my Playstation considering the person who bought my 360 ( and I baby the shit out of my systems) has now gone through 7, count em, 7 XBOX 360’s while my original PS3 still runs without fail. As for the kid who took a marker to the cases. He deserves an ass whipping and somebody needs to take a market to his favoritw stuff writing that he sucks on all of it. Kids need to learn the golden rule. If it ain’t yours don’t fucking touch it!

  101. Seriously don’t buy iPhones. I went back and corrected that stuff and it still corrected things to mispelled words

  102. Props to that kid, Playstation 3 does suck. Especially the newest model. Sony got lazy and made the newest one the worst version. It freezes and it feels very cheaply made. I suggest NEVER buying a PS4…

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