The Best Beginner Photographer’s Camera – The Panasonic GX85 vs The Rest

Best beginner Camera GX85
The Panasonic GX85 camera gets compared against many of the other camera options in that price range. We get an explanation on why you should choose the GX85 / GX80 over cameras like GX7, GX8, Olympus PEN-F or other similar shooter.

In having so many options available on the camera market for the beginner photographer, it can be hard to choose your first camera. Watch this video as we take a look at the Panasonic GX85 as a starting point for a beginner photographer now.

For those thinking that the camera may be too small for your hands you may want to take a look at this GX85 grip. It will give you a similar feel to a DSLR and make larger camera lenses easier to hold.

Some basic specs for the Panasonic GX85:
The New 5-axis in-body sensor stabilizer works with LUMIX 2-axis optically stabilized lenses in video and still capture modes using class-leading Dual Image Stabilization.
Eliminates the need for low-pass sensor filters while boosting fine detail resolving power by nearly 10% over existing 16-Megapixel MFT sensors.
Shoot lighter and faster with the modern hybrid photography performance of a Mirrorless camera and nearly half the bulk of most DSLRs.
Thumbwheel controls, integrated viewfinder and touch control enabled tilting LCD maximize control of the photographic experience.
Capture spontaneous moments with 4K imaging performance in both 4K video and exclusive 4K PHOTO and Post Focus.

You can find the Panasonic GX85 camera here for a great price.

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