Arizona DUI Lawyer Arrested For Throwing Cell Phone Out Car Window

Arizona DUI lawyer in hot water after throwing his cell phone out the window of his car while driving on interstate 40.

After a heated discusion with his ex-wife, Flagstaff, Arizona DUI lawyer Eric Manning threw his cell phone out his car window and struck an Arizona State Police car’s windshield. The impact was hard enough to crack the police cruiser’s windshield which lead to Manning being immediately pulled over.

Funny Phone

The impact of the phone caused the officer to swerve and nearly hit the car directly behind Manning. Manning was arrested for felony reckless endangerment which can bring a jail sentence of up to 10 years. It is not the first time Manning has been arrested for a crime. In 1983 he spent 30 days in jail for a domestic violence offense. He was reportedly caught beating his ex-wife outside his lawyers office in Scottsdale.

I don’t care how good of a DUI lawyer Manning is I don’t think he is going to get out of this one.

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  1. A DUI lawyer / personal injury lawyer took all of my money back to all of his attorney friends and split it up. After eveything I got one fifth of the cut. Attorneys should be burried.

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