3 Best Simple On Camera Flash Modifiers And How To Use Them Video

On Camera Flash Modifiers
Let’s watch this breakdown about how on-camera flash modifiers, including the flash diffuser, bounce card, and softbox options. Various companies like STOFEN (STO-FEN) and Gary Fong, and Rogue offer products like the Omni-Bounce, Lightsphere and FlashBender, but do these really work for you?

This great learning video from photographer Ed Verosky brings us three ways we can modify the light coming from a on camera flash. Ed thinks that none of these solutions is the greatest, but then putting a flash on the camera isn’t the best option, either. So, these can help get you a big step towards reducing that harshness of an exposed, direct on-camera harsh flash.

Find camera flash modifiers here on the cheap.

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