Zoom H1n Audio Recorded Review Detailed Test With Samples

Zoom H1n Audio Recorded Review Test
Testing out the quality of the new Zoom H1n audio recorded for use as a vlogger or content creator. The Zoom H1n it the updated replacement for the Zoom H1 recorder that is always a best seller.

In this test ‘The Hybrid Shooter’ compares the Zoom H1n built in audio quality with the Rode VideoMic Pro and a Lav mic.

An 1/8″ stereo mic/line input lets you record with your external microphones or other sound sources, and supplies plug-in power (2.5 volts). Connect headphones via the 1/8″ headphone output with dedicated volume control. You can also use the H1n’s built-in speaker to listen to your recordings.

The Zoom H1n’s USB port provides a digital output of the stereo mix and allows data to be sent to and from your computer. It also allows the H1n to be used as a USB microphone and a microSD card reader.

An high quality onboard limiter gives distortion-free signal up to 120 dB SPL, cleanly recording the loudest of bands. A low-cut filter also helps eliminate pops and unwanted low frequency vibration.

What’s included with the Zoom H1n in box:

2 AAA Batteries
Steinberg Cubase and WaveLab LE
Quick Start Guide

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