Win Sony PS3 – Get Drunk – Pick Up Playstation – Go To Jail

Lucky Ps3 contest winner gets a free ride to jail after fighting with security guard.

The day started off lucky for the thirty-two year old house roofer from Canada. After finding out he was the winner of a new Sony PS3 video Game console he got a little drunk while waiting for the scheduled time to pick it up.

Ps3 Winner

Frank Murphy(the winner) and his friend showed up at the local electronic store at about 8pm. There was a camera crew waiting to greet the winner and film the presentation. Murphy was very excited about his new PS3. Maybe a little too much. During the presentation he begain screaming and dancing around. After calming down a bit the camera crew asked if he was excited about his win. With out warning that just set Murphy off. He started cursing at the film crew and pushed the camera out of his face.

The people there were amazed at the man’s behavior and Murphy was escorted out of the building by a security guard. Once they left the building the scene escalated into Murphy fighting with the security guard. After the police showed up Murphy was handcuffed and taken to jail.

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