Will I Have To Buy A Digital TV Converter

Older TV The United States has been dragging it’s feet for years trying to decide on the final date for it’s change over to digital. They have decided that in February of 2009, all television broadcasts will officially switch over to all-digital signals.

When that happens, your standard antenna and older analog TV will stop receiving anything that’ll be viewable. A switch to cable might be your solution because cable converter boxes can output analog signals to your TV from a digital source. You might also try changing to satellite for the same reason, but if you don’t make a change you won’t be watching any TV programs.

There is some good news. The government will be offering a $40 coupon that you can use toward cost of a converter box. Digital to analog TV converter boxes will cost as little as $50 each. For only a net cost of $10 most TVs will be worth saving. It will keep that old TV usable for a few years unless they decide to make another change to your signal.

You may request a coupon by calling 1-888-388-2009. ONLY 22 million will be issued.

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