How To Transfer Full Size Photos Images With SnapBridge Nikon D3400 or D500

If you have a new Nikon D500 or D3400 you want to use SnapBridge Bluetooth function to transfer your images to a device. Many have complained about a 2mp limit. Here is how to fix that problem.

If you look through the SnapBridge app there is a place to change the setting to upload full size images. This only works with JPEGS and not for RAW files or movies. Just select the option to upload full size images instead of the 2mp setting.

Just keep in mind the Nikon SnapBridge is slow. Much slower than WiFi. When it comes to original size images SnapBridge still works within the specs, but at a speed of 0.035 MB/s this can lead to very long transfer times and high power consumption.

A 2mp image can take 20 seconds to upload. An 18mp image will take at least 3 minutes each. Just think, 10 photos uploaded at full size will take at least 30 minutes to complete. So if you are out on a shoot and fill up your card I more than suggest you wait until you get home and just pop your SD card into the computer to transfer your images.

SnapBridge D3400 settings
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