PS3 Now Plays Divx And Xvid Sometimes

PS3 Now Plays Divx With Sony just releasing their latest firmware update your PS3 will now be able to play your Divx movies and if you are lucky it will play some of your Xvid files.

The 2.1 firmware update will allow the playback of Divx. However there are a couple of stipulations with regards to DivX , namely, that copyright protected files, v3.11 encoded videos and files larger than 2GB cannot be played. If you try to play a Divx movie and you get a corrupt data reading it was likely a pre-3.11 encoded movie.

Xvid playback is up in the air right now. Many people are reporting no playback of Xvid files at all and others can play all of their files perfectly. My PS3 will play some of my Xvid files if I save them to my hard drive first and then play but not all of them. It’s had to tell yet what is the determining factor on why some will work on one PS3 and not another.

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