Panasonic GH5 Firmware Update 2.3 G9/GH5S Firmware 1.1 For Better Auto Focus

Firmware update GH5 GH5s G9 faster auto focus
Panasonic has just released the latest firmware updates for the GH5, GH5s, and the G9 cameras. From the results of video testing done by tuber ‘Photo By Richard’ the improvements with the auto-focusing has gotton much more accurate and faster.

Panasonic now brings us the new firmware release for GH5 (v2.3), GH5S (v1.1) and G9 (v1.1). In this video below Richard will show you how the autofocus tracking performance of the cameras is with the new firmware and also compare to the older Panasonic GH5 (v2.0) firmware.

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