Panasonic GH4 Free In Depth Training Video With How To Use And All Functions HD

Panasonic GH4 Free In Depth Training Video
Learning video for how to use the Panasonic GH4 4K capable camera. This gives you for free all the info you need to get the hang of the function menus and detailed info for the GH4.

Digital Photography Course for Panasonic GH4:
Exposure Lesson
Shutter Speed Lessons
Aperture Lessons
Depth of Field Lessons
ISO settings
Lens settings

Panasonic GH4 Video Shooting Lessons:
Button Review Shooting Modesl Exposure Control GH4 Focusing System LCD Review Auto Focus Modes
Releasen Drives
Metering Modes
White Balance
Focusing for Sports Shooting
GH4 Live View & Focus Modes
Extensive GH4 Menu Systems
Video History and Terms, including FPS, Resolution & Interlaced vs Progressive Scan
Video Shooting Tips
Panasonic WiFi App help

I hope this Panasonic GH4 video tutorial will help you out.

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