New Panasonic G9 Camera Photo And Specs With $1700 Price Tag

New Panasonic G9 specs
The new Panasonic G9 Camera will be shown off Wednesday November 8 at 9am in England. Panasonic will announce the new G9 and a new 200mm f/2.8 MFT lens for all to finaly see.

The new camera is going to be geared more towards photography and not as video oriented as the GH5 is.

Please thank 43rumors and other micro 4/3 site for better the scoop before the G9 release is official.

Basic Spec on the Panasonic G9:

– 20 Megapixel
– G9 has same GH5 AF sensors
– Autofocus is faster than the GH5
– Hi-rez Mode with 20/60/80 MP
– Body size in between the G81 and GH5
– Photo Quality is higher than on the GH5
– Up to 20fps with full AF and 60fps with locked AF
– 3,680k-dot OLED LVF
– 80 MP mode combined from 8 images. Images are stitched together in camera (no need to run it through an external software). works with camera on tripod only (non handheld mode)
– 6.5-stop stabilization with 5-axis image stabilizer in conjunction with lens stabilizer
– New EVF with no blackout and 0.83x magnification
– Waterproof and frost resistant (-10 degrees) body housing in magnesium
– Body price around $1700
– available after Christmas

Lets hope they don’t cripple the video function too much on this camera so we don’t need to buy a G9 and a GH5.

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