Nero 8 Ultra Edition Review And Info

Despite being described by many as a digital-media powerhouse, previous versions of Nero have not been at the top of my list. Most casual users like the new cheap price (the newest version costs around the same price as Roxio Easy Media Creator 10, but there have been many complaints about the lack of hand-holding from feature to feature. Real tech guys love the specialized components, but are agravated by the lack of integration. The mild uproar must have gotten through to them.

Nero 8 Ultra Edition

One thought on “Nero 8 Ultra Edition Review And Info

  1. I happened to get it at Best Buy before it was even available on the website and, therefore, there was absolutely no help files for it. It was aggrevating.

    It has some SERIOUS RAM issues which I have fixed temporarily by taking it out of my start-up, but it nearly cripples my machine. Most programs run around 50,000….Nero was running at 190,000…but not only that…it had at least 3 or 4 processes running in addition to the big one. It’s ridiculous…and there’s no help for users.

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