How Would You Respond If Your Girlfriend Bought You A Penis Pump For Your Birthday

One of my best friends has been dating this girl now for almost 6 months. There relationship has been very open and they have always gotten along well. Yesterday was his birthday and they went out to dinner. He said it went great all evening and she was very loving toward him. After dinner she told him that she thought she had gotten him a great present and they should both envoy it very much.

Penis Pump

The rest of the evening my friend kept trying to guess what the gift was. She would alway tell him he wasn’t close and to stop trying to figure it out. After they had gotten back to his place and had a few beers she got up the nerve to give him his present. My buddy said he was really excited to see what it was after all of the build up.

My friend tore into the gift like he was a kid at Christmas. “When I first saw it”, he said “I didn’t know what it was”. He pulled up the carton to get a better look and then it hit him. “She gave me a penis pump,” he said with embarrassment”. At first his face went red and his stomach just sunk. “Does she really think my dick is that small?”

It had all kinds of gauges on the side. It even had a digital suction readout on it. She said since he was such a technology guy she though he would like that one the best. She said she wanted to help him with it when he was ready to try it out.

After he has told me about it I just don’t no what to say to him. Readers could you please give me some ideas on what to say to him. I just don’t know how to help. You ideas are very welcome. Thanks Guys!

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