How To Use Eye Auto Focus On Sony A6300 Camera Continuous AF C

Sony A6300 Eye Auto Focus
Tips to learn how to use the Sony A6300’s “Eye AF” mode. When enabled, the camera’s AF system automatically looks for your person of interest’s eyes and tracks them using the continuous AF system (regardless of what mode you are currently in).

To Use Eye Auto Focus On Sony A6300 Camera you assign “Eye AF” to a custom button on your camera, so that when you hold down the button the feature begins to work on command. Don’t you hate it when you just barely miss focusing on the eyes of your kid and instead get their ear or hair. This new feature will improve your success rate for eyes being perfecting in focus. Thank you Sony for implementing this feature into their A6300 cameras.

Follow the step by step instructions below given to us by professional photographer Gary Fong.

Find the Sony A6300 here. Find A6300 learning guides here.

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