How To Use Back Button AF Sony A6300 For Better Auto Focus

Back Button AF Sony A6300
With the new Sony A6300 you don’t need to be a wildlife or sports photographers to get the benefits of this type of shooting. It is sometimes a great advantage to have the use of a separate shutter release button and your focus button.

In order to enable Back Button AF, you will need to make two setting changes on your a6300. First, turn the “AF w/shutter” to “Off” buy going to the Gear tab in the camera menu and bumping over to Section 5. This stops the shutter buttons ability to engage AF. Next, move to Section 7 in the Gear tab screen and select “Custom Key (Shoot)”. In “Section 2” of this sub-menu, you must change the “AF/MF Button” to “AF On”. With the rear button switch is set to AF/MF, it will now work as Back Button AF (Auto Focus).

Give this a quick try even if you are not sure you need that added control. For most photographers once they get used to back button AF they can’t imagine shooting any other way.

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