How To Make PSP Pandora Memory Stick And Battery Easy Video


Making a Pandora memory stick and battery for your Sony PSP has gotten much easier. Even this old guy was able to hook up my daughter’s Sony PSP using this video and following the simple steps.

First, some basic facts:

  1. The Pandora Battery is actually a combination of specially-modified PSP battery, and specially-modified PSP pro duo memory stick.
  2. It allows you to unbrick, or downgrade, ANY PSP, regardless of current firmware, as many times as you like.
  3. Although you can convert the Pandora Battery back to an ordinary battery, you’re recommended to use a spare battery, as it is more convenient and flexible.
  4. To make a Pandora Battery, you need a homebrew-capable PSP. If you don’t have a homebrew-capable PSP, you should find a friend who does.

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