How to convert your purse or tote into a camera bag with style

how to use purse as camera bag
Do you love the look of one of your purses but need the safety of a padded camera bag for around town? Well, just add a padded insert to your existing purse or tote.

Most inexpensive camera bags lack any flair or style. They also are a dead give away that you are hauling around expensive camera gear. This could put a target on your back if a thief spots you out around town. Why not carry a stylish tote bag with your fancy gear hidden from dangerous eyes.

camera bag insert purse

These simple padded, shockproof and partitioned bag inserts just drop down inside your favorite purse and you now have a camera bag that suits your personal style.

For added storage if your bag is lacking in multiple pockets you can just throw in a few small accessory bags. These are great to keep your lens caps, filters, batteries, and other loose items in check.

You can find many different shapes and styles of bag inserts here.


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