GX85 firmware 1.2 Update Test Video For Internal Mic IBIS Noise

GX85 firmware 1.2 Mic IBIS Noise
The Panasonic GX85 and the G85 have had issues with excessive noise created by the in body image stabilization. The new 1.2 version of the Panasonic firmware was supposed to solve the problem. But did it? Let’s find out in this camera test below.

A few days ago Panasonic released a new firmware for its Lumix DC-G80/85 and DC-GX80/GX85 camera models that was supposed to eliminate the spinning noise caused by the in-body stabilization system while in stand-by mode. This Firmware version 1.2 was also to reduce the impact of the noise during video recording, which previously could be heard in audio of scenes shot in very quiet situations.

The test below was conducted to see if this fix works. Does this stop you camera from being so noisy now? Let’s watch the video to find out.

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