GoPro Hero6 vs Yi 4K+ vs Sony X3000 60fps Action Camera Comparison Video Review

GoPro Hero6 vs Yi 4K+ vs Sony X3000 60fps
Very detailed breakdown video between the GoPro Hero6, Yi 4K+, and the Sony X3000 when shot at 60fps. GoPro has made something almost magical on the version 6 Black. EIS is so good it is gimbal like, without a powered gimbal.

Dave Dugdale put these action cameras through their paces with this detailed comparison video.

He could see people updating their old GoPro just for this new modle. But how does it compare to optical image stabilization from Sony X3000? Driving with 2.7k EIS they seem equal in smoothing out the small bumps. However if you are looking for great stabilization with good resolution, then the Sony wins over the GoPro at resolution even though the GoPro is out spec’ing it at 2.7k 60 (Hero6) vs 1080 60 (Sony), and when you are running with the two the Sony beats the GoPro for stabilization as well. But the skin tone for the Sony are not as pleasing as the GoPro.

Detail: The Yi sharpness settings seem more aggressive than the GoPro, but both “lows” values seem to be the same giving me the impression that is low actually means no sharpness added. Resolution: It seems like they are the same sensor. With them both on low sharpness they look identical. When both are on Medium they Yi seems sharper. When you go from 4k to 2.7k the street signs look really out of focus. At 2.7k 60 EIS the Yi seems sharper in the driving shot with same sharpness applied. There is a big sharpness difference between GoPro 1080 60 and 4k 60, that is why I want to upgrade to a 4k 60 camera. I can’t see a difference between 4k 30 and 4k 60 on the Gopro Hero6.

You can find the GoPro Hero6Yi 4K+Sony X3000 cams at a great price.

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