Girl Thrown From School Bus After Fight Over Nintendo DS Lite

There is nothing greater to a kid than showing off something new they just got and trying to impress their friends with it. Just don’t let that big mean kid on the bus see your new Nintendo DS Lite.

DS Lite

A 9 year old was thrown out of the back of her moving school bus after a struggle with another student on their trip home. Soon after the 9 year old pulled the DS Lite from her book bag it was taken by a 13 year old boy who ran to the back of the bus with it. When the girl tried to retrieve it the two began struggling for it in the back seat.

Reports released by the Pima County School Superintendent in Arizona said the older child was being beaten in the face repeatedly and felt his only escape was to open the buses rear emergency door and jump out. The child instead shoved the young girl out of the door with the bus traveling at approximately 15 mph. The girl was bruised and scraped up but had no major injures from the fall.

The boy has been temporarily suspended from their school and has the chance of being permanently expelled pending further investigation by the school board.

5 thoughts on “Girl Thrown From School Bus After Fight Over Nintendo DS Lite

  1. This is just as much about video games as it is about stupid kids. Video games like Nintendo Wii and video games like Sony playstation are the undoing of society. Make your kids leave the house and stop playing video games.

  2. STFU, too too! This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do about video games. Its about this punk kid being a bully, plain and simple. Bullies that take the younger/smaller kids belongings have been around for ages. It started with lunch money, then baseball cards, then GI Joes, then Pokemon Cards, now handheld gaming devices. You sound just like the rest of the mindless sheep out there who see the word “Nintendo” or “Xbox” in a story and jump to conclusions. Using video games as a scapegoat for the problems in society will never solve anything. So….try again, because your first post was the wrong answer.

  3. This has damn near nothing to do with videogames in and of themselves. While the toy being argued over was a Nintendo DS, it has more to do with bullying than anything else. If you want to argue about the undoing of American society, do so… but videogames are popular all over the world with young people–even in societies that arguably aren’t being undone. This has everything to do with stupid kids, and nothing more.

  4. This is my response for the comment made by “too too said”

    I would like to state that the undoing of society is caused by ignorant people who have no understanding of what they are talking about and looking at your response, they cannot read well either. This article is about a fight on a school bus and the near tragic event that followed. It’s not about the video game system. It’s about a popular product, someones bad decision (to bring the Nintendo DS Lite to school) and someone else’s envy. Not to kick you off your soapbox, but if your going to make bold ignorant statements like this one that has just about no truth in it, you might want to try to educate or in this case reeducate yourself on the subject matter so you at least sound like you know what your talking about.

  5. If “too too” is going to blame video games, then why don’t we blame movies too? Let’s blame books on top of that. All 3 are forms of entertainment. And I’m sure “too too” participates in at least 1 of those forms of entertainment.

    It’s so easy to find the hipocrits on the internet.

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