FlatOut: Head On Cheats Tips Hints And Codes – PSP

Flat FlatOut: Head On give you complete and total destruction! Destroy the car, the track–even catapult the characters driving the cars. FlatOut Head On offers the most destructive racing experience in gaming.

Flatout Features:

* Unparalleled destruction with metal crunching, bone breaking, and spectacular crashes
* Hilarious Ragdoll characters catapulted in-race and return of the suicidal 12 mini games
* Two distinct game styles–FlatOut mode and Carnage mode
* Supports offline as well as Live! multiplayer game modes

Flat 2


FlatOut: Head On Passwords


At main screen go to Extras, then to Enter Code.

Password Effect
GIEVEPIX All Cars And 1 Million Creds
WOTKINS Flatmobile car
RUTTO Pimpster Car


FlatOut: Head On Unlockables

Unlocking the ultimate cars of each class

To unlock the best car in each class, simply win the class’ cup in the Grand Finals.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Venom Win Derby Finals
Bullet Gt Win Street Finals

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