Creative Labs Webcam Live Ultra for Notebook Computer Review

Creative Labs Webcam

The Creative Labs Live Ultra Webcam

This cam usually sells for $80 – after rebate with free shipping.

I bought this webcam a few weeks ago so I could have cam conversations with my family in Germany. I needed a good small webcam I could mount on my laptop.

It clips firmly over the top corner of your laptop easily though it might be a bit tight on some thicker models. I plugged it in the USB port and it was instantly recognized. The software install went easy enough but it did come with a lot of bloatware. I tried it out with a few IM programs but it seemed to run a bit slow. The video was choppy and broken even with a T-1 connection. I was about to give up on it until I tried it with Skype. Using the cam with Skype made all the difference. The video was clear and no frame rate drop. Also the sound came in nice with a good even tone. Now it works great and I am really pleased with the webcam.

Two notes. The webcam uses a separate microphone that comes with it. Also it can have some issues with ATI chipsets.

If you like to use Skype I highly recommend this cam but if you are planing on using the stock Creative Labs software it didn’t seen to fare as well.


  • Compact design for notebooks with PowerGrip attachment
  • Wide-angle lens captures most of the room in the video
  • True high-speed USB 2.0 delivers smooth video at 30 fps and quality color images
  • High-speed USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1 PCs).
  • PowerGrip attachment fits tightly on notebook display.

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