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Student Given $800,000 Research Grant For Solar LCD Screen

Reykjavik, Iceland-April 6th- University of Solar Studies student Smari Laxness has

Apple Now # 1 In Holland

Maastricht, Holland-(04/04/07)- It seems Apple has conquered a new segment of

Dead Family Dog Made Into Desktop Computer

Koln, Germany–After keeping their taxidermied family dog in the living room

Wii Strap Breaks At Car Show Smashes Window

Trier, Germany.(DP)–Klaus Mueller age (23) playing with a demo Nintendo Wii

Canadian Doctors Prove If It Has Boobs A Man Will Look At It

Are You Looking At These? Feb 14th -(Ontario Classic Medical Institute)-

Diaper Wearing Gears Of War Players Shut Down Tournament

Fort Collins C.O.(FP)-Saturday a large underground video game tournament featuring the

Forever Stamp Will Cause Postal Cash Winfall From Hoarders

With the passing of the “Forever Stamp” by the U.S. Postal

Netflix Plugs Hole In Streaming Video Workaround Hack

Some Netflix subscribers had been using a download time workaround to

Woman Fired For Sitting On USB Massage Ball At Work

Charlotte, N.C. U.S.A.(CP)- Woman files compliant against Prackasaw Inc. for what