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Man Stabed With Pencil For Poking LCD Screen At Work

A local vendor got more than he bargained for Monday morning

Thief Stun Gunned Girl In Bikini To Steal iPod

Memorial day Weekend in the resort city of Myrtle Beach S.C.

Never Stop A Computer Fan With Your Tongue

The other day I was over at my neighbor’s house giving

The Easiest Way For Geeks To Pick Up Chicks

To start out the only way is with a pair of

Man Loses Camera On Plane And It Is Returned 2 Years Later

After losing his camera on a U.S. Air flight 2 years

Nudist Slams Testicles In Car Door.

Most everyone at sometime or another has smashed their finger while

Does This Video Game Make My Ass Look Fat

How much more weight will you gain if you play video

Dutch Clinical Study Shows Marijuana And Video Games Can Delay Alzheimer’s

Groningen, Netherlands– Groningen Mental Enhancement Department has completed a one-year study

Woman Claims Deceased NASCAR Driver Dale Earnhardt Comes To Her On Computer

Concord, N.C.–Twenty-eight-year-old Becky Tabor has been a huge Dale Earnhardt fan

Thief Hiding Wii Remotes In Bra Caught Leaving K-Mart

Friday evening in Little Rock, Arkansas 2 inventive thieves nearly escaped

Wife Used Dog Shock Collar To Keep Porn Addicted Husband in Bed

A German woman admitted to keeping her husband in bed at

Scientist Say New Sonic Wave Tech Bra Will Enlarge Breasts

Scientist at the Institute of Regenerative Biotechnology in Salzburg, Austria have

Netflix Return Envelopes Tear Apart To Easy

I have been a member of Netflix for years. They have

Dog Swallows iPod – Owner Gets It Back The Natural Way

Last Friday in Dalton, Georgia 23 year old Mark Clamp found

Synthetic Motor Oil Is Destroying The Planet

Researchers from the group Protection And Preservation Of Our Mother Earth