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Can Mesothelioma Be Caused By By-Products From Production Of Electronics

Doctors are just now beginning to see cases of mesothelioma appearing

If I Could Have A Robot It Would Be This One

R2D2 has always be one of my favorite movie robots but

Dog Pees On Computer Server Rack And Shuts Down Business

After working at her new job for only 2 weeks receptionist

Woman’s Nipple Ring Ripped Off By Magician’s Magnet

Most people go to a magic show expecting a few mysteries

Tour De France Riders Radio Signals Jammed By Spectator

Two spectators were arrested by French police for emitting a radio

Man Shoots Girlfriend’s Computer After Installing Windows Vista

Friday night in Columbia South Carolina, ex-law enforcement officer Ray Jackson

Woman Tans Herself To Death

A 29 year old English woman has died of skin cancer

How Would You Respond If Your Girlfriend Bought You A Penis Pump For Your Birthday

One of my best friends has been dating this girl now

Man Caught With Up-Skirt Cam Built Into His Boot

Local police in Koblenz, Germany were alerted to a man with

iPhone Smasher On E-Bay Auction

iPhone Smasher

Man Invents Real Alive Remote Control Pig

In the small South Carolina town of Conway, Jeff Dell has

Weird Shaped Knockers

I was in my local computer parts store the other day

Man Fined For Using Electric Window Glazing To Stop Police Photo Radar

An engineering student at UNC Charlotte was caught with a device

Vibrator Found In Unconscious Hit And Run Victim

After being hit from behind by a motorcycle Sunday evening, a