Can I Use A Fluid Head For Stills Photography With Tripod Instead Of Ball Head

Fluid Head vs Ball Head
If you want to try something new, leave your ball head at home and give a fluid head a try for shooting still photography. There are many advantages to using a fluid head over a ball head. This video by Hudson Henry will walk you through how this can change up your photography game.

In the past, video tripods and fluid heads like these would have not been very practical for most. Also, expensive and heavy. In resent years, though, as more and more have started to shoot video, the prices have dropped a significantly. The tech in the build has also come a long way, too. The fluid heads now lighter, stronger, and way cheaper than ever before.

Fluid heads have a big number of advantages over ball heads. If you don’t know about fluid heads, this will explain them. If you think they are too complicated, heavy, or expensive, this will debunk that.

List of the gear he used in the video:
Manfrotto Fluid Head (1.9 lbs /$135) Here.
Arca Swiss Clamps (Use 2 of these) Here.
Induro Carbon Tripod (choose style & size) Here.
Induro Leveling Adaptor Here.

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