Best new cameras and lenses From Photokina 2014 with Canon, Nikon, Sony and many more

Photokina 2014
This video shows you all the best new cameras, lenses and accessories launched at the Photokina 2014 show. You’ll find out about all the latest camera gear that’s coming soon. It’s a big video, lasting 54 minutes, but I’ve divided it into sections for each company, so if you want to skip to your favorite, you can use the guide below the jump.

Cameras and accessories as they show in the video.

1:56: Panasonic
7:46: 4K Video
10:39: Red Digital Cinema
13:11: Sunbounce
13:36: Olympus
16:52: Fujifilm
18:39: PhotoMadd
19:55: Sony
22:44: Three Legged Thing
24:26: Sigma
28:48: Zeiss
33:18: LEE Filters
34:00: Samsung
35:42: F-Stop
37:54: Nikon
40:09: Canon
50:08: Bonus

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